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Channel Copier 8.2.00 (3539 KB)
Copies channels between Transmitters, allowing IT organizations to manage the process of application deployment that spans several domains of control.
Channel Manager 8.2.00 (2886 KB)
Tuner interface used to work with channels.
Infrastructure Service (139987 KB)
Maintains Tuner binaries, Tuner configuration, and configuration for any profiled Channels.
Policy Service (11193 KB)
Applies the assigned policy on each endpoint.
Publisher 8.1.01 (2681 KB)
Publishes applications to a Transmitter server.
Scanner Service (43659 KB)
Collects and returns inventory information for each computer.
Transmitter (6626 KB)
Server that distributes and updates applications over any network.
Transmitter Administrator Command Line 8.2.00 (7198 KB)
Manages local and remote Transmitters, allowing the IT Administrator to specify security, access control, and other optimization features for BMC CM Transmitter servers.
Tuner Administrator Command Line (2813 KB)
Manages remote Tuners, allowing the administrator to subscribe, update, start, and stop channels remotely.